Road Safety Concerns

Many residents have told us how concerned they are about road safety on Sullivan Road near the Brighton Hill medical centre and shops.

The road is very busy with fast traffic and the sight lines are poor with stationary buses and a blind corner.

There are high numbers of vulnerable people crossing the road to access medical facilities, children and young people cross to access two local schools and there is significant footfall to local shops.

When buses are stationary cars cannot see pedestrians crossing. Many of you have told us about “near miss” accidents you have seen.

As your local Labour Councillors we believe it’s time to take action now before there is a fatal accident. Please help us campaign on this issue by signing our petition below.

Do not wait until a child is injured or worse before helping our fight to improve road safety here.

We would also like to see a reassessment of the need for a school crossing patrol for Chalk Ridge School.

The school lost its lollipop man a while ago and has not been replaced by the Hampshire County Council to save money. Hampshire is following the national trend of school patrols  – over 25% have been lost nationwide already.

We understand the need to save money, but saving children’s lives comes first. Lets have a proper crossing near the school.

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