Hampshire County Council made the decision last year (2018) to turn off street-lights in a number of areas across the Basingstoke and Dean Borough. The initiative was rolled out by the county council in a bid to save £230,000 in energy costs.  Lights are now switched off at 1am to 4am in residential areas. However the council are now announcing plans to switch them off for even longer.

Labour Councillors have raised concerns about this and in Brighton Hill we have been contacted by many residents who work shifts at night and are either coming or going home in dark and dangerous circumstance. Ordinary residents with jobs like taxi driving or nurses are speaking to us about this on a regular basis.

Not only are the concerned for their own personal safety from attackers as we all know the state of out paths are shocking due to years of neglect from this Tory Council.  They are dangerous to navigate in the pitch darkness of night.

Please tell us what you think.

Should our street lights be switched off? Live

  • No - I think the lights should not be switched off
    66% 16 / 24
  • Yes - I don't mind the lights being switched off
    33% 8 / 24

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