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Another new motorway service area has been proposed near Junction 6 on the M3 and this follows hot on the heels of the one proposed near junction 7.

The noise and disturbance caused by this new service station were it to get planning permission would be significant. We’ve spoken to local residents about the proposals and they havetold us that they oppose this motorway service area and it concerns them. Most people say that the Winchester and Fleet service areas are close enough and so extra motorway service areas here in Basingstoke just aren’t needed.

We agree. We feel the impact of these plans on local people and the environment is just not justified. We oppose the plans for both a service area at Junction 6 and also Junction 7 of the M3.

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We the undersigned oppose the development of any additional motorway service areas in the Basingstoke area. The development will be detrimental to the environment and casue additional traffic congestion. Existing Motorway service areas at Fleet and Winchester are 23 miles apart and are sufficient to meet requirements.

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We Pledge to you

To fight to save local bus services and the free bus pass for the OAP’s and disabled. we’ll oppose the Conservative cuts to the Brighton Hill’s bus service.

We will campaign for more police on the beat. With 1000 less Hampshire police officers, tackling local crime and antisocial behaviour will be impossible. We want to see more police not less.

We want to see more investment in parking solutions and an end to the pothole epidemic in our roads.

We will oppose the Tory tip tax, charging to use the Wade Road tip will increase local fly tipping.

We will defend our sports pitches, parks and play areas from neglect and development. Our children need safe spaces to play in and our green spaces improve air quality and the environment.

We will campaign for regulation of local landlords. High rents and badly maintained properties are not good for tenants or their neighbours.

We will defend the Brighton Hill District Centre and support our local shops and small businesses.

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