Did you know that the Council will remove graffiti from a residential property free of charge?
All that is needed is the permission of the owner.

I’m very pleased to report the council removed the graffiti from a wall on the back garden of a house in Carmichael Way fronting onto Gershwin Road. This was a bit more tricky than usual as this was a Stonewater property. I visited the occupier at the beginning of September, who was only too happy to have it removed, but a referral was needed to Stonewater (plenty of e-mails back and forth in my in-box!).
Two weeks later, the graffiti was removed.

The council have done a grand job fixing it. The trouble is, the wall has suffered from frost shattering and water damage and will need a rebuild anyway in a few years’ time.

Andrew McCormick

Andrew McCormick

Councillor Brighton Hill South

Andy is a full-time software specialist. With his fiancée Janet, he has a busy and active life.  He is a well respected member of the Church of Christ the King and Editor of the Brighton Bell alongside being involved with the Brighton Hill Community Group. He is keen to set up a Brighton Hill Neighbourhood Watch.

Andy is well known for supporting residents with their issues and is fighting hard for improvements to the Brighton Hill Roundabout.

Council Committees: Community, Environment and Partnerships Committee.

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