Although an interim blanket institution has been obtained by the council in respect of traveller encampments, its main function is to speed up the process and allow the police to take action. What action they might take we don’t know yet and with the loss of 1000 Hampshire police due to Tory cuts it might still not be the effective tool we all hope.

In any event it is just a bit of paper and isn’t a physical deterrent to someone determined to break the law. Thats why physical security measures are still required.

Your Brighton HIll Labour Councillors have worked hard to secure assurances on this as we are promised:

  1. The grass bank off Gershwin Road opposite Ellington Drive where the main access point was for the travellers is to have a low chain mesh fence at the top of the back erected running the full length of the section leaving a 1.2m gap for pedestrians.
    This fence will provide decent defence and will be planted either side during the dormant season with a hawthorn hedge that will disguise the fence and provide extra  green defence and wildlife habitat.
  2. Just off of Gershwin Road opposite Lennon Way will now be the official point of entry for Operations and this will receive two heavy duty droppable and lockable metal bollards to allow tractors and chippers access.
  3. The area adjacent to Stanford Road shops will have a heavy duty trip rail/bird mouth fence installed as this has future potential for incursion.
  4. Areas leading into the park with any other potential will have concrete bollards installed, these include Carmichael Way, Bernstein Road and Barry Way areas.

You can be sure we will keep a close eye on this to make sure it takes place.

Cllr Kim Taylor, Cllr Andrew McCormick Cllr Mark Taylor

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