About your Councillors

Councillors are not full time employees of the Council. We are elected volunteers. Like many other Labour Councillors we are normal working people with full time jobs and undertake our Councillor duties in the evenings and at weekends.

We try to shape the strategic decisions of the Council through work on committees and by representing residents views. For Brighton Hill Councillors this means fighting cuts to local services like the Number 12 bus and making sure Brighton Hill gets its fair share of investment so that issues like the Brighton Hill Roundabout get prioritised.

We also help residents with individual issues where our intervention with the Council might help solve a problem and work with residents to act as “guardians” reporting in issues affecting the environment.

The Brighton Hill Wards

Even though Brighton Hill is currently split into two wards your Labour Councillors work as a team for the whole community.


Meet the councillors

Apart from a shared appreciation of a good food we have many things in common including a belief in community, and working hard to help others. Although Kim and Mark also share a surname, they are not related.

Councillor Mark Taylor Brighton Hill North


Mark Taylor

Key Statistics

Age: 51

Favourite food: Indian
Favourite book: Wolf Hall
Supports: Manchester City
Hobby: Camping
Union: Unite

Tel: 07979 144936


Mark’s full-time job is a Senior Production Controller for a pharmaceutical company.  Married to Claire with three children, two daughters and a son. Mark loves football and coaches the Winklebury Wizards.

Mark works hard in the ward and has resolved many issues relating to anti-social behaviour. He wants to see real planning for Brighton Hill’s infrastructure, parking solutions and maintain local services like buses and GP’s.

Council Committees: Community, Environment and Partnerships, Crime and Disorder Joint Scrutiny and Licensing and Committee.

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Councillor Andrew McCormick Brighton Hill South


Andrew McCormick

Key Statistics

Age: 49
Favourite food: Curry
Favourite book: Lord of the Rings
Supports: Manchester Utd
Hobby: Running marathon
Union: Unite

Tel: 07879 436985

Andy is a full-time software specialist. With his fiancée Janet, he has a busy and active life. He is a well respected member of the Church of Christ the King and Editor of the Brighton Bell alongside being involved with the Brighton Hill Community Group. He is keen to set up a Brighton Hill Neighbourhood Watch.

Andy is well known for supporting residents with their issues and is fighting hard for improvements to the Brighton Hill Roundabout.

Council Committees: Community, Environment and Partnerships Committee.

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Councillor Kim Taylor Brighton Hill South


Kim Taylor

Key Statistics

Age: 59
Favourite food: Curry
Favourite book: Wyrd Sisters
Supports: England Cricket
Hobby: Gardening
Union: NEU


Tel: 07789 363678

Kim is a full-time trainer and educator. Married to Michael, her partner for nearly 30 years, with two grown up boys who like so many people today find getting a foothold on the housing ladder a real challenge.

As a new Councillor Kim hopes her experience in the Legal Aid Board will help her be a good advocate for residents. With a passion for a fair and equal society, Kim sees good education and housing as the building blocks for the future of our young people.

Council Committees: Community, Environment and Partnerships, and the Audit and Accounts Committee.

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