Dumped Shopping Trolleys

Dumped Shopping Trolleys

Trolley dumping is something local councillors do get involved with on a regular basis. As a Brighton Hill Councillor I have had regular conversations with ASDA management over a number of things and trolley dumping is one of those areas.

The store itself is trying really hard to combat this. Its massively expensive for them so they have an interest in it. They recently at huge cost replaced all their trolleys which are fitted with a magnetised wheel lock. As soon as the trolley goes over the curtilage boundary which has technology built into it the wheels lock up making it very difficult for them to be moved.

However the perimeter technology is sometimes vandalised which means some trolleys get past. This is not always kids as you might imagine but thieves who steel Trolleys to sell them for scrap metal value.

Other times people just stubbornly drag the trolley with locked wheels and when it gets too difficult just dump it.

Some people also have still got old “borrowed ” trolleys that they use and park in their garden every week.

The store has agreed with us that if anyone sees a trolley in the immediate area of ASDA, they can phone customer services and someone from the store will fetch it.  Otherwise ASDA belong to the trolleywise scheme and they have a number and a phone app you can use to report a trolley and they come get them.
01926 455378

Your Labour Councillor team in Brighton Hill have regular walk about -we also work full time so this is often at weekends in the winter as nights draw in. We report what we see but its really helpful if members of the pubic can do this as well.
Cllr Kim Taylor”

GPs forced to come up with action plan

GPs forced to come up with action plan

The Gillies and Overbridge Medical Partnership, Brighton Hill, which is run by the Acorn Health Partnership following the merger of three GP surgeries, has been inspected by the Quality Care Commission who have  issued it with a ‘requires improvement’ rating. During the visit, inspectors found the patient safety was being put at risk.

At the time of the merger residents were unhappy and immediately noticed problems getting appointments and confusion over which surgeries to attend. A year on and the situation is even worse. when we are out and about in the ward and in our Councillor Surgeries you tell us that waiting for 5 week for an appointment and even three weeks for a telephone appointment is the norm.

Try to get through on the phone is usually described as a “nightmare”

Your Labour Councillors are working hard to put the Care Commissioning Group under pressure to improve the performance of GP’s in Basingstoke. At the moment they don’t even monitor waiting times for appointments or getting through on the phone.

There is now a special task group looking at the situation to see what might be done. You can see Councillor Kim Taylor’s speech in the Council Chamber here https://brightonhill.online/bhtv/

Take part in our GP survey

Please share your experience with us by clicking on the link and completing the survey.


Cllr Kim Taylor

Cllr Kim Taylor

Brighton Hill Labour Councillor

This winter we reported the mayhem over the flu jab. Patients were waiting in queues even the frail , elderly and disabled only to be turned away due to lack of supplies. We asked why are you texting people to come for a flue jab if you dont have the stock?

Sullivan Road Crossing

Sullivan Road Crossing

Road Safety Concerns

Many residents have told us how concerned they are about road safety on Sullivan Road near the Brighton Hill medical centre and shops.

The road is very busy with fast traffic and the sight lines are poor with stationary buses and a blind corner.

There are high numbers of vulnerable people crossing the road to access medical facilities, children and young people cross to access two local schools and there is significant footfall to local shops.

When buses are stationary cars cannot see pedestrians crossing. Many of you have told us about “near miss” accidents you have seen.

As your local Labour Councillors we believe it’s time to take action now before there is a fatal accident. Please help us campaign on this issue by signing our petition below.

Do not wait until a child is injured or worse before helping our fight to improve road safety here.

We would also like to see a reassessment of the need for a school crossing patrol for Chalk Ridge School.

The school lost its lollipop man a while ago and has not been replaced by the Hampshire County Council to save money. Hampshire is following the national trend of school patrols  – over 25% have been lost nationwide already.

We understand the need to save money, but saving children’s lives comes first. Lets have a proper crossing near the school.

Number 12 Bus – We won

Number 12 Bus – We won

Brighton Hill keeps number 12 bus – another Labour success

In October 2018 your Brighton Hill Councillors presented a petition signed by over 800 Brighton Hill residents to the Hampshire County Council protesting the planned axing of the Brighton Hill Number 12 bus service.

After receiving the petition, the County Council confirmed in writing on 21st November they would keep the Brighton Hill elements of the Number 12 bus service.

We did this because you told us how important the bus was to get to the shops and work.

Decision letter from Hampshire County Council

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Labour fights to save our buses – Torys vote against

Labour will keep on fighting for improved public transport in Basingstoke. Labour Councillors recently proposed a motion at Council to challenge Hampshire County Council over Stagecoaches’ performance and to bring control of the service back to Basingstoke.

You can see the motion, and which Tory Councillors voted against it at www.brightonhill.online/BHTV 

Grounds Maintenance

Got a problem with grass, hedges or shrubs, or even leaves making pathways dangerous to use?


The Council is responsible for mowing over 6 million m² – equivalent to cutting over 1,000 football pitches. Most general open space is cut about 13 times a year from mid March to the end of October.Let the Councill know if the grass in your area has become overgrown.

Shrubs and hedges

These are cut back once a year during the winter. At all other times of the year a response team is available to deal with overgrown footpaths and sight line problems. Hedge cutting doesn’t take place from mid-March to mid-summer due to nesting birds unless there are health and safety reasons such as impeded sight lines or risk of harm to pedestrians.

Weed control

Basingstoke and Deane uses non-residual herbicide and mulching techniques to control weeds in soft landscape areas. They arrange the chemical control of weeds to highway surfaces on behalf of Hampshire County Council.  Two applications are applied per year.

Click the button below to report:

Hedges or shrubs

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