Travellers in Asda Car Park

Travellers in Asda Car Park

A small group of travellers that look to be a quiet family unit arrived last night in the Asda/Medical Centre Car Park. As I arrived this morning to check the situation out Council Officials were on site taking the necessary action. Whilst  there is a strict legal procedure to go through, hopefully this will not take too long in view of the blanket injunction we have that shortens the process somewhat.

Whilst it may seem intimidating the group do look peaceful and a lot quieter that some of the local Brighton Hill bikers that seem to be causing a nuisance at the moment. There’s no reason not to carry on using the Centres shops in the normal way.

We will keep you informed with progress as we hear from the Council.

Travellers have left

Travellers have left

Travellers have gone but improved defences are needed.

Basingstoke Council is a very wealthy Council but makes unfair decisions when it comes to spending money. This Tory administration thinks nothing of giving massive handouts to big businesses that don’t need it but cuts back on services and work that would benefit residents. Millions are given to American property companies to build hotels or to subsidise offices and the Council intends to spend £35 on buying commercial property to rent. But in Brighton Hill we have to fight for everything. We had to fight for our buses and Labour are still fighting for more defences to stop illegal traveller encampments.

Traveller Update Tuesday night

As at 8pm Tues three quarters of the vans had left and the remaining three look hitched up as if they will leave tomorrow.

Site is quiet and tidy-ish at the moment.

As soon as they have gone the clean up team will move in and make sure everything is in a good condition.

Still Pushing the Council for more defences though.

Travellers Return

Travellers Return

Travellers return

There is a new illegal encampment of travellers in Gershwin Road arrived today

 I have been to the site and reported it in. The Council officers are taking the relevant emergency action, and I will do my best to keep everyone updated.

One good thing though, the new defences put in place as a result of your Labour Councillors actions has prevented them accessing the park. Setting up by the side of the road is not so comfortable for them and the Police should be more inclined to move them on.


Cllr Kim Taylor

Cllr Kim Taylor

Brighton Hill Labour Councillor

Travellers served with injunction notice

Monday Evening  update.

All the travellers have now been served with the injunction paperwork (not without difficulty for the Councils Traveller Liaison officer) and the service was witnessed by the Police using body worn cameras.

The travellers are not used to this approach and could not understand why there wasn’t the usual court paperwork and hearings to go through. The Traveller Liaison officer did his best to explain and they have all been given the injunction paperwork and associated maps showing the area of the injunction.

Its now up to the police to use their power of arrest. It is completely in the hands of the police when and if they do this.

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