Travellers Return

Travellers Return

Travellers return

There is a new illegal encampment of travellers in Gershwin Road arrived today

 I have been to the site and reported it in. The Council officers are taking the relevant emergency action, and I will do my best to keep everyone updated.

One good thing though, the new defences put in place as a result of your Labour Councillors actions has prevented them accessing the park. Setting up by the side of the road is not so comfortable for them and the Police should be more inclined to move them on.


Cllr Kim Taylor

Cllr Kim Taylor

Brighton Hill Labour Councillor

Sullivan Road Crossing

Sullivan Road Crossing

Road Safety Concerns

Many residents have told us how concerned they are about road safety on Sullivan Road near the Brighton Hill medical centre and shops.

The road is very busy with fast traffic and the sight lines are poor with stationary buses and a blind corner.

There are high numbers of vulnerable people crossing the road to access medical facilities, children and young people cross to access two local schools and there is significant footfall to local shops.

When buses are stationary cars cannot see pedestrians crossing. Many of you have told us about “near miss” accidents you have seen.

As your local Labour Councillors we believe it’s time to take action now before there is a fatal accident. Please help us campaign on this issue by signing our petition below.

Do not wait until a child is injured or worse before helping our fight to improve road safety here.

We would also like to see a reassessment of the need for a school crossing patrol for Chalk Ridge School.

The school lost its lollipop man a while ago and has not been replaced by the Hampshire County Council to save money. Hampshire is following the national trend of school patrols  – over 25% have been lost nationwide already.

We understand the need to save money, but saving children’s lives comes first. Lets have a proper crossing near the school.

Number 12 Bus – We won

Number 12 Bus – We won

Brighton Hill keeps number 12 bus – another Labour success

In October 2018 your Brighton Hill Councillors presented a petition signed by over 800 Brighton Hill residents to the Hampshire County Council protesting the planned axing of the Brighton Hill Number 12 bus service.

After receiving the petition, the County Council confirmed in writing on 21st November they would keep the Brighton Hill elements of the Number 12 bus service.

We did this because you told us how important the bus was to get to the shops and work.

Decision letter from Hampshire County Council

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Labour fights to save our buses – Torys vote against

Labour will keep on fighting for improved public transport in Basingstoke. Labour Councillors recently proposed a motion at Council to challenge Hampshire County Council over Stagecoaches’ performance and to bring control of the service back to Basingstoke.

You can see the motion, and which Tory Councillors voted against it at 

No 12 Bus Petition

No 12 Bus Petition

Brighton Hill No 12 Bus Petition

Hampshire County Council will soon decide on the fate of the number 12 Brighton Hill bus as they make even more austerity cuts to balance their budget.

Your Labour councillors have been making the case for keeping this essential bus, as you have told us how important it is to get to the shops and to work.

That’s why we have been busy collecting signatures for our “save the number 12 bus” campaign to present to the Hampshire county council.

Hampshire County Council Labour Group Leader Mike Westbrook, is pictured above receiving the petition from your Labour Brighton Hill councillors.

Councillor Kim Taylor  has acted as the lead petitioner, and you can see the letter from the Hampshire County Council acknowledging receipt of the petition.

Flu Jab Fiasco

Flu Jab Fiasco

These were the scenes at 10:30 Saturday 20th October outside St Andrews and the Gillies Medical Centres as several hundreds of elderly and frail patients had to queue for their annual flu jab.

Together with the Hackwood Partnership they recently merged with in July 2018 to form the Acorn Health Practice, looking after 44,500 patients – that’s nearly half of the Basingstoke population.

I was on the scene speaking to residents.

Speaking to one resident she asked me how she was supposed to help her frail 92-year-old father queue in the cold to receive a Jab, others were plainly bewildered about what was happening.

Another said “It wasn’t like this before they got so big, last year you could just pop in and you were seen in a matter of minutes. Why text me to come if they knew they couldn’t cope”

This is not the first time I have received complaints from patients of the practice about poor levels of service since the merger. Its an easy excuse to blame stocks of vaccine for this fiasco but manufacturers are reported in the press as saying stocks are not an issue. Its more likely to be poor organisation and ordering systems.

I just don’t understand why patients are being told to come along to flu jab sessions and then having to queue in the cold like this.

This was my first photo

By the time I had taken this and got back to the car the queue was round to the pizza shop.

No better at St Andrews surgery at Camrose.

Cllr Kim Taylor

Cllr Kim Taylor

Brighton Hill Labour Councillor

It’s not just the continued liturgy of complaints about this merger but we have seen quality and service problems following the Beggarwood and Roooksdown Merger. This particular merger is now in such difficulty that on 3/10/18 Deputy Leader of the Conservative Council, Councillor Teri Read was quoted on the social media Nextdoor site as saying:

“The companies running Beggarwood and Rooksdown surgeries have approached the Local Clinical Commissioning Group to discuss potentially withdrawing from running the surgeries long term.”

Out local Clinical Care Commissioning Group must be more diligent in their decision making. Allowing these mergers to take place is just encouraging private companies to take over the ownership of GP surgeries on a profit motive basis. According to Companies House the accounts of organisations involved in running Rooksdown and Beggarwood show an offshore venture capital company Butterfly Venture as their parent company.

Allowing private companies to quite literally see the NHS as an opportunity to make money and squeeze it until the pips squeak is not acceptable.

Its time that our Clinical Care Commissioning Group were called to public account for continuing to allow mergers creating supersized practices which just don’t work. Those at the top should be reflecting very hard on their own performance and how the people of Basingstoke are being let down.

Graffiti Busters

Graffiti Busters

Did you know that the Council will remove graffiti from a residential property free of charge?
All that is needed is the permission of the owner.

I’m very pleased to report the council removed the graffiti from a wall on the back garden of a house in Carmichael Way fronting onto Gershwin Road. This was a bit more tricky than usual as this was a Stonewater property. I visited the occupier at the beginning of September, who was only too happy to have it removed, but a referral was needed to Stonewater (plenty of e-mails back and forth in my in-box!).
Two weeks later, the graffiti was removed.

The council have done a grand job fixing it. The trouble is, the wall has suffered from frost shattering and water damage and will need a rebuild anyway in a few years’ time.

Andrew McCormick

Andrew McCormick

Councillor Brighton Hill South

Andy is a full-time software specialist. With his fiancée Janet, he has a busy and active life.  He is a well respected member of the Church of Christ the King and Editor of the Brighton Bell alongside being involved with the Brighton Hill Community Group. He is keen to set up a Brighton Hill Neighbourhood Watch.

Andy is well known for supporting residents with their issues and is fighting hard for improvements to the Brighton Hill Roundabout.

Council Committees: Community, Environment and Partnerships Committee.

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