Save South Ham Library

Consultations are now open on the future of our libraries. We stand to lose Chineham and South Ham libraries in Basingstoke.

The Tory led Council admit that this is purely a cost saving measure because they will have a budget shortfall of £80million. This is what they say

“The County Council faces an anticipated budget shortfall of £80 million by April 2021. This is due to national austerity measures, combined with demographic and inflationary pressures. The Library Service’s anticipated contribution to the County Council’s overall savings target is £1.76 million. “

They blame austerity as if it were some sort of natural phenomenon like the weather which is inflicted on them and beyond their control. But the truth is that austerity is a political choice.  It is a policy. It is a Conservative Policy.

Local libraries are important places in the community. They are a hub of activity, and not just for the great work they do providing reading materials and activities that engage young and old in reading and learning. They provide services such as public computers and access to the internet.

Many government services are now only easily accessible using the internet. Whether its renewing your car tax, applying for Universal Credit or searching for jobs a computer and internet access is needed, and often by those not in a position to afford it.

The South Ham library serves the communities of South ham and also nearby areas like Brighton Hill. Many people do not drive or can’t afford the expensive bus journeys into the main town library. Nearly 30% of people in South Ham don’t have access to a car and 22% in parts of Brighton Hill. This proposed cut especially hits our elderly and our children.

Save your local library – even if you don’t use it, your neighbours do.

It’s time to so NO to austerity in being imposed on us in Basingstoke.

Fill out the consultation and say no. Email all the Conservative County Councillor and tell them the people of Basingstoke want their Libraries.

Petition to Save South Ham Library Support your local Labour Councillors efforts

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