Number 12 Bus – We won

Number 12 Bus – We won

Brighton Hill keeps number 12 bus – another Labour success

In October 2018 your Brighton Hill Councillors presented a petition signed by over 800 Brighton Hill residents to the Hampshire County Council protesting the planned axing of the Brighton Hill Number 12 bus service.

After receiving the petition, the County Council confirmed in writing on 21st November they would keep the Brighton Hill elements of the Number 12 bus service.

We did this because you told us how important the bus was to get to the shops and work.

Decision letter from Hampshire County Council

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Labour fights to save our buses – Torys vote against

Labour will keep on fighting for improved public transport in Basingstoke. Labour Councillors recently proposed a motion at Council to challenge Hampshire County Council over Stagecoaches’ performance and to bring control of the service back to Basingstoke.

You can see the motion, and which Tory Councillors voted against it at 

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