Litter is unsightly and potentially dangerous. It creates unnecessary work for our teams who are responsible for litter clearance throughout the borough.

People create litter and although it is everyone’s responsibility to dispose of their waste properly there is still a big litter problem in Brighton Hill especially around the shopping Centre.

Councillor Andy McCormick organises a monthly community litter pick in the area. Its usually the third Saturday of the month but you can check on the sites calendar.

Discarded food waste attracts rats and other pests and encourages feral pigeons. Sweet wrappers, crisp packets and fast food containers pose a serious fire risk. Animals are regularly injured or killed by litter. Farm animals choke on plastic bags, birds get tangled up in fishing lines, and small mammals are trapped in bottles and cans. People throwing rubbish out of cars cause road accidents and carelessly discarded cigarette ends start grass fires, especially during dry summers.

You can report litter by clicking on the button below:


Graffiti no matter how artistic , is really vandalism and criminal damage . The Council takes positive action to catch people who commit these antisocial acts.

If you see graffiti please report it in so it can be dealt with.

Graffiti also makes our environment less than appealing and it can be very upsetting if it happens to your property.

Commercial kits are available online to remove graffiti, but you can also get help from the Council. If the property is a private company or has been attacked several times there may be a charge, but the Council can help with residential property Graffiti, without charge.

Utility boxes and substations are the responsibility of the relevant companies to arrange removal.

Click the button below for more information or to report graffiti.

Councillor Surgery 1st September

Councillor Surgery 1st September

Come along and meet your Labour Brighton Hill Councillors at their monthly residents surgery at Brighton Hill Community School. We will be there between 10 and 12am.

Got something you would like to get off your mind or would like to chat about the Brighton Hill Roundabout proposals – why not just pop in.

Brighton Hill Roundabout

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